Discover Gran Canaria with an official guide

I will help you discover the treasures of Gran Canaria, the diversity of the landscape, the hidden corners, the authentic places, the local crafts and gastronomy and, above all, the real Canarians: hospitable, welcoming, authentic.

The journey does not begin when we set off and does not end when we have reached the finish line. In fact, it starts much earlier and practically never ends, because the memory tape keeps on spinning within us, even though physically we have long since moved on.

    14 years of experience as a tourist guide

    Litte story: About me

  • A passionate traveller since time immemorial. First backpacking trips through Asia over several months, at a time when there was no internet yet and letters were delivered post restante to a particular post office

  • Indonesia, China, Laos, Cambodia, Borneo, Myanamr, Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, Argentina and, of course, my beloved Spain, are just some of my favourite destinations.

  • Sociologist by training. Licensed guide in the Canary Islands with a passion for travel. Years of working in tourism.

  • Getting to know the country ‘from behind the scenes’ through the footsteps of the locals was, and still is, my main purpose for travelling.

  • I have lived in Spain since 2008 and in Gran Canaria since 2012. I consider this island to be my place on earth.

Travelling with me...

You will get to know a way of visiting based partly on the philosophy of “backpacking”, where the traveller not only wants to visit a place, but also wants to discover, feel and experience the culture of the country in question, in the broadest sense of the word, in order to integrate into it.

  • you travel mindfully
  • You explore by observing carefully. You won't miss a thing (beautiful views, historical sites or the locals' favourite café).
  • You explore without rushing. Starting the day with a coffee in a local pub.
  • you integrate yourself into the local culture or place, so I choose restaurants with local cuisine that will seduce you with local flavours and aromas.
  • you become an atypical tourist - a traveller who gets to know places, keeps them in their memory enjoying them.