Which month is the warmest and coldest in Gran Canaria, how is it with this weather?


Thanks to the wet and cool winds coming from the pressure zone of the Azores, called Alisios, beautiful weather, mild climate and warmth are the norm here. Almost all year round there is great weather even when it is winter in continental Europe. 

Due to its mountainous terrain and specifically conical relief, Gran Canaria has become a place where local microclimates occur. For example, while in the coastal zone, mainly in the southern part of the island, the climate is dry and the sunshine is strong, this changes completely with altitude. Therefore, the island is divided into a sunny but barren south and a cooler, green north. 

The warmest month, however, is August, then temperatures in the south of the island can even exceed 30C. The north of the island in summer is mild, temperatures averaging around 23C. The coldest months are January and February, when temperatures oscillate around 23 C in the south of the island and around 17C in the north. 

In winter, we always take warm clothes when going to the mountains!! Shorts stay at the hotel 🙂